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Batavierenrace stands up to cancer

The Batavierenrace and the Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) come together for charity. The organisation of the Batavierenrace summons all participants to raise money for the purpose of DCS.

By organising fund-raising activities or by finding sponsors for your team or yourself, money can be raised. In case you need some inspiration for organising a fund-raising activity: see (webpage is in Dutch).

'Ren tegen kanker' with Bata4life

‘Ren tegen kanker’ is an initiative of DCS. It means running together for lives, against cancer. Bata4life embraces this by acting during the Batavierenrace.
DCS believes it is possible: a day on which no-one dies from cancer anymore. A lot of scientific research is necessary in order to reach this; research which is expensive. With ‘Ren tegen kanker’ you help to raise money for this research. And you receive an amazing running experience.

This is what you run for:
One in three people in the Netherlands is diagnosed with cancer at some point. Annually, 45,000 people die because of this. The disease therefore is cause of death number one in the Netherlands. There’s a cancer diagnosis every five minutes and every hour more loved ones die because of cancer. That is a bizarre speed.
To slow down the speed at which cancer affects our lives, research is necessary. Will you help us to raise as much money as possible for cancer research?
With every kilometre you run against cancer, you support the race against cancer. With every sponsor you recruit, we become stronger.

Do you also want to support research and make the difference?
Create an ‘actionpage’ and run along with your team!

How do I create an 'actionpage' for my team?

Click here to create a team page!

1. Fill out your personal details as team captain.
2. Create a team name on the next page.
3. Choose 'nee', so you can invite the members of your team by yourself.
4. Choose 'maak een team'.
5. Make a first donation or click on 'sla deze stap over en rond pagina af'.
6. As soon as you have created a team page, there is a link in your personal dashboard underneath 'team' which you can send to your team members to create a personal 'action page'.

Fundraising tips and tricks

Five practical tips that work out well

1. Show your friends on Social Media that you’re training for the Batavierenrace and ask for a donation = a link to your personal ‘actionpage’.

2. Send a ‘Tikkie’, or make an appeal via Whatsapp… Small, defined amounts of money can do magic. You can think of 5 or 10 euros. Always make a personal request!

3. Ask your local supermarket if you can put a request next to the machine collecting empty bottles. Customers can donate their tickets from empty bottles to your team.

4. Collect empty bottles from your friends, neighbours etc.

5. Make sure your ‘actionpage’ looks good. Preferably with a picture and motivation, so your friends and family can see that they are supporting you!
Click here for examples and inspiration to raise money! (examples are in Dutch).

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