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Organisation Batavierenrace

The race is organised by students of the Radboud University Nijmegen and the University of Twente. They are assisted by the board of the Batavierenrace Foundation. Besides the board, there is a team consisting of 700 volunteers who put a lot of effort in the perfection of the race. Among them are medics, volunteers at start and finish and 150 motorcyclist. The special radio communication service of the Batavierenrace makes sure all 40 organisation buses can communicate with each other without any problems.

Would you like to volunteer during the race? Please contact us by using the information shown here.

Organising Committee 47th Batavierenrace

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The following people are in the Organising Committee of the 47th Batavierenrace:

Marieke Massa (President)
Demi Albersnagel (Vice president)
Sanne Dijksterhuis (Secretary)
Laura Harks (Treasurer)
Nienke Nooren (Commissioner PR & Media)
Erwin van Renselaar (Commissioner of external affairs)
Zoƫ Bosschaart (Commissioner Race)
Lianne Kraamer (Commissioner Race)
Mariska Smit (Commissioner of external affairs)
Lotte van der Hart (Commissioner facilities)

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