Center Stage


Center Stage

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Batavierenrace, thus a celebration is in order. That means that this year the Batavierenrace will start in the city center of Nijmegen. There all the runners will start at the same time and run a 5.8 kilometer men stage.

Friday the 28th of April at 22:30 is now the new starting time for the 45th Batavierenrace. Starting on the Grote Markt this stage will take it's runners past the Waal river back to the Grote Markt, after which the route will go to the Radboud Sports Center where the finish will take place.

The Radboud Sports Center will then function as a restart and starting point for the night shift. The Batavierenrace will continue at 00:15 and head in the 'regular' direction.

This new stage means that the first stage of last year (female, 3.6 kilometers) is no longer part of the Batavierenrace. In order to maintain a balance between male and female runners a later stage has been changed from male to female. The new stage classification can be found here.

What changes for me?

Team Captain
You are expected to be between 20:00 and 23:00 at the Radboud Sports Center for the bicycle check and instructions. The runners vest for the first stage will be picked up by the runner himself.

First runner
Between 20:45 and 21:45 shuttles will take you from the Radboud Sports Center to the city center of Nijmegen. The runners vest can be picked up at the Grote Markt. Make sure that you know your team's starting number and name! Your stage will start at 22:30.

Other teammates
You can support the runner on two different places: the Grote Markt and the Radboud Sports Center. Either cheer him on at the start or welcome him at the finish line.


Shuttles will depart between 20:45 and 21:45 from the Radboud Sports Center which will take the runner to the city center and the Grote Markt.

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