Food and Beverage


Food and Beverage

It is strongly recommended to bring your own food and drinks during the race. The possibilities to buy food and drinks during the race are very limited. On restarts there is enough opportunity to buy food and drinks. There is a opportunity to have dinner on the campus of Enschede. The Organising Committee arranges also a breakfast for Sunday Morning. The team captain is responsible for buying these tickets.

Dinner Nijmegen

International teams can have on Friday evening a dinner at the Sports cafe in Nijmegen, which is in the Radboud Sport Centre. On Friday the dinner will be around €5,25 for a delicious meal.

Dinner Enschede

The Organising Committee offers this year a dinerboulevard with various meals. Payment will be with the same coins you will use for drinks at the Batavierenparty. These meals cost around €6,50 per meal.

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