Online Batavierenrace


Online Batavierenrace

We present the 1st (and hopefully the last) Online Batavierenrace: a running event according to RIVM guidelines that starts at your front door. Take up the challenge and run 125 km with your team on the 1st & 2nd of May! Run all the stages and record them with a running app like Strava to become the first Online Bata champion!

The rules and regulations can be found below. These include how to sign up and what the requirements are to participate.

Results Online Batavierenrace

The final results have been announced! Download the file below to find out where your team finished.

Results Online BatavierenraceResults Online Batavierenrace (344 kB)

Rules and Regulations Online Batavierenrace

The Dutch rules and regulations are leading.

1. Registration
1. Only teams that were previously enrolled for the 48th Batavierenrace can participate in the Online Batavierenrace. Also teams that unenrolled for the 48th edition are allowed to join.
2. Registration needs to be done by sending an email to This email should include: team name, name of the team captain and the number of participants.
3. It is allowed to split up an existing team. This should be mentioned in the registration mail.
4. There is a maximum of 25 runners per team. There is no minimum.
5. The registration needs to be delivered before April 29th at 23:59. The timestamp of the received mail is leading.

2. Stages
6. A team needs to run 125 km in total. All individual stages need to add up to 125 km.
7. Each participant runs 1 stage. There is no limit on the distance of this stage.
8. The final results do not take into account any height differences during the stages or whether a stage is unpaved/paved.
9. In contrary the normal Batavierenrace, there are no designated male or female stages.
10. A stage must be run continuously. It is therefore not allowed to split up the stage of a participant to be run at different times.
11. The stages need to be run between May 1st at 00:48 and May 2nd at 23:59.

3. Submitting the results
12. The results from all participants of a team need to be submitted together. This can be done by sending an email with the results to
13. For each participant, the name of the participant, the route, the distance and time of the stage needs to be submitted. A screenshot of a running app (for example Strava), should suffice.
14. The results can be submitted until May 3rd at 12:00. The timestamp of the received mail is leading.
15. If the rules under section 2 are not followed, the submitted results will be deemed invalid. If this is the case, the team will be notified via email. These teams will have 1 extra chance to validly submit their results until May 4th at 23:59

4. COVID-19
16. Participants need to keep 1.5 meters of distance from other people at all times during their stage.
17. Participants need to run the stages alone. This means that different participants cannot run the same route at the same time.
18. During the traditional Batavierenrace a cyclist guides the runner. In the Online Batavierenrace, it is not allowed to be accompanied by a cyclist.
19. To respect the ban on gatherings, it is not allowed to gather with more than 3 participants. If you will be gathering with 3 people or less, you need to keep 1.5 meter distance at all times in public places. This includes, but is not limited to: making (group) pictures and cheering on team members.
20. The rules made by the government regarding COVID-19 are leading at all times. We advise to combine getting some fresh air with running your stage.

If it turns out that a participant does not comply with the rules of section 4, then the participant and the whole team will be disqualified from the Online Batavierenrace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search the FAQ:

  1. Does participation in the Online Batavierenrace influence the restitution of the registration fee of the normal Batavierenrace?
    No, participation in the Online Batavierenrace does not influence the restitution of the registration fee of the 48th Batavierenrace.
  2. Does the Online Batavierenrace need to be run as a relay race?
    No, runners do not have to run after eachother. They can run at the same time, however not the same route at the same time.
    We did this to not enforce runners to run in the night.
  3. Does the Online Batavierenrace start on Friday evening?
    No the Online Batavierenrace starts in the night from Thursday April 30th on May 1st. Runners can run from May 1st 00:48 till May 2nd 23:59.
  4. How do the results need to be sent in?
    See paragraph 3 of the registration rules.
  5. How is the winner choosen?
    The winner will be the team that has the fastest average speed.
  6. Is it allowed to run for multiple teams?
    Yes, however if you want to run for multiple teams, you have to run multiple times. This would be the same as in the regular Batavierenrace, but without any time penalties.
  7. Is there a registration fee for the Online Batavierenrace?
    No, there is no registration fee for the Online Batavierenrace.
  8. What happens when I run more than 125 km?
    125 km is the minimum distance to run, to be able to win. The teams need to be as close to this 125 km as possible.
  9. What if the route isn't logged due to technical issues?
    It is the responsibility of the runner to have their run logged. The route is important so we can maintain paragraph 17 of the registration rules.
  10. Which running apps can be used?
    All apps that log your run can be used. The app should show the following data: name of the runner, date, distance, time and route of the run.
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