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Every team has to have a 9 person minivan during the Batavierenrace. With this van, the team will drive from relaypoint to relaypoint, to pick up the runner (and biker) from your team and drop off another runner and biker. The van will drive the whole route, from Nijmegen to Enschede, with both the night and morning shift, as well as the afternoon shift.
It is well recommended to use a 9-person van for this, because you will be with around 7 to 8 persons in the van every shift.

The Batavierenrace has got a collaboration with GoRoadTrip and Brookhuis Taxivervoer, through which you can hire a van for a good price!

There are two possibilities;
1. Nijmegen – You hire a van at GoRoadTrip. You collect the van at fridaynight 10 may 2019 and will return it at Sunday 12 may 2019 at the Blankenweg 22 in Arnhem. The cost will be 250 euro.

2. Enschede – You hire a van at Brookhuis Taxivervoer. You collect the van at Friday afternoon 10 may 2019 and will return it Saturday night 11 may 2019 in Enschede, UT campus P2. The costs will be 275 euro.

Did you state that you want to rent a van, then you will get an email from the renter with a payment link.

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