Team captain



To the restarts and finish (bus plan)

During the race your team uses one minibus to transport the runners from one relay point to the next relay point. To make sure that the runners from the next shift are on time at the next restart, you can use the bus plan. This is a transportations plan, in which buses will bring participants to the restart points Ulft and Barchem to start their race, and runners who finished their shift to the finish in Enschede. To use this bus plan, the team captain can purchase these vouchers.

From relay point to relay point

To transport your team from relay point to relay point the team captain can rent a minibus for 9 people. During the race, the participants who are not running or cycling at that particular moment, drive with the minibus from relay point to relay point. You can find the car route in the participants booklet. Please note that every team has the responsibility to rent a minibus for themselves, the organisation of the Batavierenrace will not take care of this. We can help you however.

Sleeping arrangements

If you participate in the Batavierenrace, the organising Committee arranges sleeping accommodations for your team during your stay in the Netherlands. There is a small fee to be paid to cover the costs of these accommodations. The team captain is responsible for purchasing these additional vouchers.
You can also camp for free on the campus in Enschede.

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