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Final results 49th Batavierenrace

Dear team captains, runners, and beer enthusiasts,

The 49th Batavierenrace has come to an end and what a success it was!

With a total of 208 teams and 3928 runners throughout the Netherlands, we have shown once again that running and beer go great together. And hopefully, you all enjoyed the online Batavierenfeest.

Here you can now find an overview of the final results (excluding rejected results). All rejected results of your team can be found at online.batavierenrace.nl.

Hereby we would also like to announce the final winners of the 49th Batavierenrace;
> For the General Classification: Tartlétos: quaRENtaine
> For the University Classification: RU/HAN Universiteitsteam

We would like to congratulate both winners and we will contact the team captains with regard to handing over the prizes!!!

Festive greetings,
The 49th OC

Preliminary results 49th Batavierenrace

Dear team leaders, runners and beer lovers of the 49th Bata,

The Batavierenrace is over! Hopefully you all ran your best time and especially enjoyed this weekend very much.

Here you can find an overview with all results, excluding the disapproved results.

All disapproved results of your team can be found on online.batavierenrace. If there are disapproved results, you can submit a resubmission for each disapproved result until Sunday, April 25, 23:59. You do this by sending the correct result to online@batavierenrace.nl.

In this mail the name of the runner and the name of the team must be mentioned and a screenshot must be added showing the elapsed time, distance and route.  

A rejected result could possibly be due to one of the following reasons:
- The displayed time is about the movement time and not the elapsed time
(this is the most common reason).

- Stages recorded with the app Runkeeper will be rejected for the above reason.
To solve this you can upload the stage from Runkeeper to Strava. This requires a Strava account, which you can create once if needed and then delete again. The way to do this is described on this website. These steps must be done on the websites (it can't be done through the apps) of Runkeeper and Strava. At the end it says to upload the zip file to Strava; Strava may not accept this, you will need to upload the gpx file from the zip file. 

- The stage was submitted for two different teams;

- A runner submitted two results for the same team;

- The data submitted does not match the screenshot provided.

Please check the above points before resubmitting the stage. It is also possible that the result was rejected for another reason than mentioned above. If this is not clear, you can also send an email to online@batavierenrace.nl, then we will look into it.

Even if you have no rejected results it is good to check everything, because we can also make mistakes.

If you have already sent an email to online@batavierenrace.nl about a rejected result you can ignore this mail, we have received all mails and will handle them as soon as possible.

The final results will be published on Wednesday, April 28th.

Enjoy the party! And till next year!!

The 49th OC

Overview of all pages

Below you will find an overview of everything you need:

> Submit results
Submit your results here after your stage, or check the website for the latest scores!

> The Livestream
Listen to the live report of Bataradio!

> The Crazy49
Earn the most points with your team and win a very unique prize!

> Spotify running playlist
Find here your motivating beats to run your Bata stage at top speed!

> Running routes in your area
Looking for a good running route in your area? Find them here!

Submitting your results

Results can be submitted via online.batavierenrace.nl.

When submitting the results, you will be asked for the elapsed time, not the running time. We have noticed that not all running apps (e.g. Runkeeper) display this by default. Please check this before you start! The website contains instructions on how to display this in Strava.

Unique team codes!
Each team member can submit their result in the "individual" menu. However, a unique team code is needed to do this! These codes have been shared with your team captain in the latest team leaders letter sent on April 20th.

It would be nice if everyone could submit their results after the run so we have enough time to check all the data in time. In addition, we can then provide you with a live ranking!

We wish everyone good luck and, above all, lots of fun!

The 49th OC

Join the crazy49!

Hello all,

49 assignments for 49 years Batavierenrace, join the Crazy 49!

Here you can find all assignments of the Crazy 49, including the points you can earn with it.

You can submit your assignments until Saturday, April 24, 18:00h by sending in your photos and videos to content@batavierenrace.nl (please mention the assignment number when sending in your assignments!). Earn as many points as possible with your team and win a great prize!

Tip: place your photos and videos on social media and tag @batavierenrace for 1 extra point per assignment!

Don't forget to listen to Bata-radio and watch the livestream and who knows one of your submitted tasks might pass by!

Have fun and enjoy the race!

The 49th OC & BataMedia

Final Regulations

Dear runners, team leaders and beer drinkers,

Three more nights of sleep and then the 49th Batavierenrace will start!

The final regulations are now online and can be found on the team leaders page. This document contains the rules for both the General Classification and the University Classification.

Please read it carefully! And see you soon!

The 49th OC

Enrolled teams (at 17-03-2021)

Dear team captains and runners,

An overview of registered teams has been posted on the team captain page. This list includes all teams that registered before 17-03-2021 18:50.

If your team is not yet listed, you can still register until 23:59 tonight!

Sportif greetings,
The 49th Organizing Committee

Registrations prolonged open!

Dear team leaders and runners,

Because several teams have indicated to experience difficulties while registering their teams, we have decided to extend the registrations.

‼️Enrolling is possible until this Wednesday, March 17, 23:59‼️

Team leaders can register a team here!

The 49th OC

Practical information about the registrations

Hello all!!!

Registrations are open!!!

Team captains can register their team here!

The registrations will remain open until March 14th 23:59. So if you don't have a team yet or are not yet complete, no rush.

The registration fee is €30 per team and will be invoiced after registrations close.

For more information regarding the rules, click here.

And keep an eye on our socials and website for more information on what the 49th Batavierenrace will look like!

Sportive greetings,
The 49th Organizing Committee

Update on the shape of the 49th Bata

Dear all,

Yesterday the organization of the Batavierenrace discussed the possibility of physical stages during the upcoming Batavierenrace.
Unfortunately, we had to make the decision that the 49th Batavierenrace will be an online event without physical stages.

The corona measures are currently too strict to get a permit for a Batavierenrace with physical stages on April 23 and 24.
In addition, we as organizing committee think that we can organize the best possible Batavierenrace for you if we focus on an online race.

We will continue to do our utmost to make it an amazing event!!!

The 49th Organisation Committee

Registrations are opening!

Dear participants, team leaders, volunteers, beer drinkers and other interested people,

The past few weeks have been special for all of us and we obviously get a lot of questions about what the Bata will look like this year. The short answer: we don't know yet. With constantly changing measures, it is almost impossible for us to say now what the event will look like.

That there will be a Bata on 23 and 24 April is certain. We will do our best, in accordance with the measures, to be able to physically organize as much of this as possible. As a backup plan we can, similar to last year, hold an online event. February 11, we as an organization will make the decision, and you will hear from us the same day.

February 13 registrations will open!!! How to register can be found on the socials and website by then.

So keep 23 and 24 April free, put your team together and make it something beautiful. Take care and see you then!

The 49th Organizing Committee


Dear team leaders, runners and beer drinkers,

The past few weeks we have received a lot of emails about the registrations of the 49th Batavierenrace. It brings us as the organization joy to see that there is always so much interest in the Batavierenrace. Behind the scenes we are working hard to organize a fantastic race. However, due to the measures concerning the Corona crisis, there is still too much uncertainty at this moment about the number of participants we are allowed to admit. The entries for the 49th Batavierenrace will therefore open later than normal. Our goal is to allow all teams to participate, so keep at least April 23rd and 24th free in your calendar! Keep an eye on our site and the socials for more information.

With sportive greetings,

The 49th Organizing Committee

The 49th Batavierenrace

Although times have been a bit unsure these past months, we are happy to announce that there will be a 49th Batavierenrace on the 23th and 24th of April in the upcoming year 2021.

So save the date!

More information will be published on our social media channels Facebook and Instagram as soon as possible.

Click here to meet this year's Organising Committee.

Results 48th Batavierenrace

The final results have been announced! Click here to view them.

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