The Batavierenrace is the largest relay race in the world, with participants running from Nijmegen to Enschede every year. The 53rd Batavierenrace will be on May 9th and 10th, 2025.

The Batavierenrace: how does it work?

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Aftermovie 51st Batavierenrace

Final results 52nd Batavierenrace

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The final results of the 52nd batavierenrace are known!

University Competition
1. RUG/Hanze ACLO team 08:26:52
2. Universiteitsteam TU Delft 08:55:52
3. WUR-Team Wageningen University 08:56:43

General Competition
1. D.A.V. Kronos I 08:00:11
2. Old Amsterdam 08:00:20
3. Asterix Still Glowing Strong 1969-2024 II 08:41:17

The results can be downloaded below.

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