Information for team captains

Team Captain during the Batavierenrace

A team can not participate in the Batavierenrace without a teamleader. All the information that you may need can be found on this part of the website.

The team captain is not only the one that takes care of the enrolment of his or her team, but is also responsible for communication with the organization of the Batavierenrace.

For questions with regard to enrolling, you can contact our secretary Louisa Cordes.

University Competition & International teams

If your team competes within the University Competition, check this page for more specific information.

If your team qualifies as an international team, please check out this page for more information.

Preliminary stage division 50th Batavierenrace

The preliminary stage division of the 50th Batavierenrace can be found here.

If a man runs on a women's stage, the team will receive a penalty time for that stage. The running time will then also be multiplied by a factor of 1.4.

Student Check

The Batavierenrace is a student-running event. Therefore, you will be asked for 3 proofs of enrolment at a college or university. These proofs of enrolment must contain the name of the student, the study, the year of enrolment, and the educational institute. This can be, for example, a student card or an official proof of enrollment, as long as it meets the requirements mentioned earlier.

This does not apply to PhD students; they must demonstrate that they are PhD students by means of their proof of registration.

These proofs of enrollment must be uploaded no later than December 3, 2021.

Proof of registration via Studielink will not be accepted.

Important documents 50th Batavierenrace

Here you can find the rules for both the General Ranking and the University Ranking.

Besides that, there is also an overview of all important deadlines for the General Competition provided.

With regard to the University Competition, more information can be found here.

Registration rules 50th Batavierenrace (132 kB)

Competition rules 50th Batavierenrace (172 kB)

Important dates - General Competition (61,4 kB)

Team Captain letters

The team captain letters for the General Competition can be found below after they are released.

Team captain letters with regard to the University competition can be found

Team captains letter 1 - General Classification (132 kB)

Team captains letter 2 - General Classification (311 kB)

Looking for runners?

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