Batavieren Festival

The Batavieren Festival

The Batavian Festival has won a special place in the hearts of Dutch students. Since 1977, after the Batavierenrace a big party is organized. In recent years, it even bears the title 'Europe's biggest student party'. It is a great way to relax after more than a day of intense exercise.

General Information

On Saturday night from 20:00 - 02:00 the (open!) Batavieren festival will take place on the campus in Enschede: the biggest student party of the Benelux!

Hungry or thirsty from all the partying? Get a beer at one of the the bars, drink a cocktail at the cocktail bar or enjoy some food at the food trucks. Tokens cost €2.50 and are available both on and outside the grounds. Upon entering the grounds you will receive another other token; an ecocoin. This coin can be exchanged at the bar for a cup and with the consumption token you get the drink. To get get another drink, hand in the empty cup and a
token at the bar, so we can recycle the empty cups. Have you lost the cup and the ecocoin, you have to pay a consumption token to get a new cup again. So keep your cup with you! You are not allowed to bring your own drinks on the
festival grounds.

This year there will be a small fee as entrance: one consumption token. From 16:00 you can buy your tokens at the parking lot of the Bastille, so you can enter the grounds faster in the evening! However, until 21:30 you can still enter the grounds for free, so starting early with partying is rewarded!

At 02:00 at night the music in the tents stops. Are still not finished partying, then you can continue to party in the Vestingbar until the early hours, it is also possible to use your remaining consumption coins there!

The party organization wishes you a great party as a beautiful end of the 51st Batavierenrace. Have fun!