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Final results 49th Batavierenrace

Below you can now find an overview of the final results (excluding rejected results).

All rejected results of your team can be found at online.batavierenrace.

Hereby we would also like to announce the final winners of the 49th Batavierenrace;
> For the General Classification: Tartl├ętos: quaRENtaine
> For the University Classification: RU/HAN Universiteitsteam

Final results 49th BatavierenraceFinal results 49th Batavierenrace (366 kB)

Results 48th Batavierenrace

The final results have been announced! Click here to view them.

Results of the past years

results-45th-batavierenrace.pdfresults-45th-batavierenrace.pdf (778 kB)

results-44th-batavierenrace.pdfresults-44th-batavierenrace.pdf (772 kB)

results-43rd-batavierenrace.pdfresults-43rd-batavierenrace.pdf (768 kB)

results-42th-batavierenrace.pdfresults-42th-batavierenrace.pdf (214 kB)

results-41th-batavierenrace.pdfresults-41th-batavierenrace.pdf (234 kB)

Final results 40th BatavierenraceFinal results 40th Batavierenrace (596 kB)