Crewmember for the Bata!

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Sign up as a crewmember!

During the Batavierenrace there will be approximately 750 volunteer crewmembers. They are the Bata's greatest asset, without them, there would be no Batavierenrace. From start to finish, the crew ensures that the race runs smoothly and safely.

You can sign up as an crewmember here.

Important! We are happy with all the help we get, Dutch and international alike. However, the crew signup procedure is momentarily still only available in Dutch. If you encounter any problems with regard to signing up, please contact our secretary Mirjam de Vries. If you signup via our website, please mention in de comment section to which level you understand Dutch so we can make sure we will assign you a task that does not involve any language barrier.

What can I do as a crewmember?

As crew, you can help us in many ways. If you have a specific preference for a function, you can indicate it in the comments field when you apply as a volunteer.

To give you a clearer idea of what task you can do on the day you are available, you can follow the flow chart below.

Volunteers flowchart 51st BatavierenraceVolunteers flowchart 51st Batavierenrace (1,00 MB)

I have been registered as an volunteer! Now what?

The file below contains useful information for employees. This includes information about transportation, luggage, the employee dinner, the thank-you drinks, etc. Please read the document carefully!

(Not all information is available yet, this will be updated as soon as possible)

Sleeping in Enschede

If you have indicated as a crewmember that you would like to sleep in Enschede, you can do so in the sports center or in the log cabins. Check your profile to see where you have been assigned! For these sleeping places applies that a bed is arranged, but you must bring your own sleeping bag/blanket and pillow.


But I'm already running a stage! Can I still help?

You can! There are a number of tasks that only take a few hours. This way you have the complete experience: run for your team and help out!

Are you running a night stage?
Then take a look at the meal and breakfast shift, or the loading/unloading point. Or become a traffic controller in the center of Enschede!

Running a stage in the morning or afternoon?
Help build up the finish on Friday afternoon, or become a traffic controller in the center of Nijmegen!

In addition, you can always help out in the week before the race and on Sunday!

What do I get as a crewmember?

When you commit yourself as a volunteer to the Batavierenrace, there is of course something in return. During the race you will get enough food and drinks, in addition, all crew members will be offered a meal on Saturday evening (volunteer dinner) and an invitation to the thank-you drink where you can chat a little after the race. You can also get a free place to sleep on the campus of the University of Twente. And very important for many: you will also receive the limited edition Batavierenrace volunteer hoodie as a souvenir and to endure the cold night.