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Topicus University Competition


Team Captain for the Topicus University Competition

The teamcaptain of a Topicus University Competition team is not only the one that takes care of the enrolment of his or her team, there are a few other things he is responsible for. This includes transportation, food and drinks and the sleeping arrangements. For each of these there are vouchers available for purchase by the team captain.
After finishing the enrolment the UC-team captain is in charge of sending permission forms from all team members to the Organising Committee. The permission forms will be send along with the second team captain information letter.
The team captains script gives an overview of the tasks that are fulfilled by a team captain. The team captains script describes what has to be arranged in which month so that you are optimally prepared. Read this script carefully so you won’t forget anything! This script is written for team captains of the Regular Competition, causing a difference in information about enrollment and proofs of registration form the university or academy. Besides these two chapters in the script is the rest of the information applicable for both the UC and RC.
One of the differences between the UC and the RC is that with the UC three proofs of registration of your university or academy are not enough. Later in the year you will receive 25 permission forms, one for every team member. The exact data can be found in the UC calendar below.
Also at the end of the page there is information about the route, the competition rules, registration regulations, team captain letters and the provisional stage layout.
If there are any questions, please contact our secretary Sanne by mailing to: or calling to Batavierenrace Nijmegen: +0031-3615876

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