Topicus University Competition

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NSK: Topicus University Competition

Each university sends a team with their city's best runners. This makes the University Competition (UC) also a challenge for the most avid runners.

The University Competition is sponsored by Topicus. For more information, check out our main sponsor page.

For several years now, the Topicus University Competition of the Batavierenrace has received the status of a Dutch Student Championship. This ensures high prestige in Dutch student sports.

Every year several NSKs are organized in over 50 sports. This is done under the auspices of Student Sport Netherlands (SSN). The SSN is a national organization that serves as an umbrella for local sports councils. Click here for more information about the SSN.

As with any serious competition, there are strict rules governing participation in the Topicus University Competition. The rules are based on the following objective of the Topicus University Competition: to create a healthy rivalry among universities to promote the honor and prestige of winning the Topicus University Competition.The rules are outlined in the entry and competition rules.

Team captain for the Topicus University Competition

The team leader of a university competition team (UC team) takes care of the registration of a UC team and is also responsible for a number of other matters. For example, the UC team leader arranges transportation, food, and sleeping if necessary. The team leader can order vouchers for the entire team. More information about this will follow later.
In addition, a UC team leader will also ensure that the proofs of registration for all runners are delivered on time to the Organization Committee.

For questions with regard to the University Competition, you can contact our secretary Miriam Zegelaar.

Registration of a team is possible as of November 6th, 2023. More information regarding registrations can be found here.

Important Documents

The team captian script gives a good overview of the tasks a team captain must perform. In fact, the manual outlines what needs to be done and arranged by the team captain in the coming months. This team captain script is written for the team captains of the General Competition (AK), so for a team captain of a UC team the information about enrollment and proofs of enrollment are different. The other information applies to both AK team captain and UC team captain.

An important difference for a UC team leader is that 3 proofs of enrollment at a Dutch HBO or WO institution do not need to be submitted at registration. Later in the year, 25 enrolment documents will be requested instead, one from each runner.

Below, you can also find an overview of all important deadlines for the University Competition.

For questions about the Univerity Competition of the 52nd Batavierenrace please contact the Organisation Committee .

Team captain script 51st Batavierenrace (462 kB)

Important dates - University Competition (86,6 kB)

The regulations of last year of the University competition can be found in the rules below.

Registration Regulations 52nd Batavierenrace (160 kB)

Competition Regulations 52nd Batavierenrace (173 kB)

Team Captains letters

The team captains letters for the university competition in 2022 can be found below. The new team captain letter will be uploaded soon.

Teamcaptain letter 1 - University Competition (125 kB)

Teamcaptain letter 2 - University Competition (179 kB)

Team captain letter 3 - AK and UC (245 kB)