Organisation Committee

Organisation Batavierenrace

The Batavierenrace is organised annually by the Organisation Committee, which this year is formed by nine students. The Organisation Committee exists of students from Nijmegen and Enschede. The Organisation Committee is overseen by the Foundation Board and is supported by a number of standing committees .

Organisation Committee 52nd Batavierenrace

Bestuursfoto 52e

The Organisation Committee of the 52nd Batavierenrace consists of the following people:

Zoƫlle van Bommel (chairman)
Miriam Zegelaar (secretary)
Emma Bijker (treasurer & commissioner facilities Enschede)
Youri Meevis (commissioner race Enschede)
Tom L'Herminez (commissioner race Nijmegen)
Laure Bartels (commissioner facilities Nijmegen)
Quirine Adriaansens (commissioner facilities Nijmegen)
Fleur Witjes (commissioner external affairs)
Nadine-Waninge (commissioner external affairs)

History Organisation Committee

Over time, many have helped bring the Batavierenrace to where it is today. This of course includes the Organisation Committees that have preceded the 52nd. An overview of past Organisation Committees can be found here.