The Route

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The route of the Batavierenrace

The route of the Batavierenrace goes over 175 kilometers and contains 25 stages, of which 16 are men's and 9 are women's stages. There are three shifts, a night- (stage 1-9), morning- (stage 10-17) and dayshift (stage 18-25). The night-shift starts with an official start, in Nijmegen at 22:30 pm at the 'Grote Markt'. The morning-shift starts at Ulft at 06.30 am and the dayshift starts at Barchem at 11.00 am. The final stage is a combined men's and women's stage, which starts at the Old Market in Enschede, and finishes at the cinder track on the campus of the University of Twente.

Preliminary Stage Classification 46th Batavierenrace

Download the Preliminary Stage Classification of the 46th Batavierenrace.

Preliminary Stage Classification 46th BatavierenracePreliminary Stage Classification 46th Batavierenrace (357 kB)

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