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Looking for routes for the Online Bata?

As you may know, there are many external factors that can affect your performance when it comes to running. These can range from your shoes, to your favourite playlist with the perfect rhythm. However, your route can also contribute significantly to your motivation.

Are you not very familiar with the best and most comfortable running routes in your area? Or have you not yet found the perfect circuit for the distance you are looking for?

With the help of other runners, we have found a solution! See below for routes in your area.

Route 1: 6,55km - provided by Leeuwarden Studenten Sport
Route 2: 12,8km - provided by Leeuwarden Studenten Sport
Route 3: 6,03km - provided by Leeuwarden Studenten Sport

Do you have any routes of your own that you would like to share with the rest? Send it to the Organising Committee and we will add it to this collection.

Competition regulations

The document below contains the final Regulations for both the General Ranking and the University Ranking.

Final Regulations 49th BatavierenraceFinal Regulations 49th Batavierenrace (147 kB)

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