Artists and line-up

The area's

The Batavierenfeest has 3 different areas where you can party with diverse music styles. In the big tent there will be all-round DJs and at 23:00 there will be the award ceremony of the Batavierenrace.

In the small tent you can really party, a band will play and the evening will be closed with a party DJ. Are you more of the electronic styles anyway? Between the trees on the Carillon field there is an outdoor stage, where different kinds of house, techno and maybe even some harder styles will be played.

Big Tent

20:00 – 21:00 DJezeD

DJezeD is known as a DJ with the nicest nightlife music in the area. People come to the club especially for him. DJezeD plays the latest hits and classic songs. DJezeD can entertain any audience. He knows different genres, including the nostalgic music from Abba to Florida and the hits of our time. This DJ is growing rapidly in the DJ world and he is far from stopping here! Are you coming to dance to the music of DJezeD?

21:00 – 22:00 That Lighting Guy

That Lighting Guy (TLG) is a much-seen figure on but especially behind the scenes at concerts and festivals. As lighting man and pyrotechnician he creates the most beautiful light and fireworks shows, but he is also no stranger to the role of DJ. His playing style is broad, with here and there a touch of humor.

22:00 – 23:00 Fabio Calor

In recent years, Fabio Calor (formerly DJ Pinguin) has become famous among students and young people in Enschede. With his international background he gets the most pleasure out of bringing different cultures together through music. His passion lies with la musica caliente, but it doesn't stop there. With regular gigs at ESN Twente and as founder of Perreo City he doesn't only make hips shake and provides pure ecstasy on the dance floor. Suena

23:00 – 23:15 Award Ceremony

At 23:00 the official awards ceremony of the 51st Batavierenrace will take place! With no less than three different categories, there are many prizes to be to win. Are you also wondering who will win next edition?

23:15 – 00:00 Mokka Magic

Mocha Magic has only 1 rule: The audience must dance! For him, making people dance is the highest form of art. Hip-Hop, Moombahton, Pop and House, as long as you can dance dirty, it will be played and with his skills he transforms the music into something Mocha magical. With 12 years experience and skills he is currently one of the residents at Tapmarin Leidse (Amsterdam), cafe Leentje (Amsterdam), Bar de Kelder (Oldenzaal) and Bar Update (Enschede). Outside the residencies he also performs at festivals, he shares the stage with international Dj's and also performs abroud himself.

00:00 – 01:00 East & Young

East & Young are no strangers in the electronic music realm. Consisting of Marc van Oosterbaan and Frank Kuiper, the duo rose to fame in the golden era of electronic dance music. Their journey began when Calvin Harris signed the duo’s coda EP to his fly eye label back in 2012. Having played over 300 shows worldwide, including the most prominent festivals, and releasing music through major record labels such as spinnin’, atlantic, ultra, defected, universal, and many more, East & Young cemented themselves as one of the quickest rising duos.

01:00 – 02:00 PAXAL

Get ready for a high energy set full with Tech House, Future House, Bass House and many more. PAXAL's unique type of DJ'ing will keep you surprised with songs you know, mixed into a festival remix, to keep you dancing and singing. With over 7 years of DJ experience, PAXAL has already played at large events such as Boulevard Outdoor, Summer In The City, Kick In UT Endshow and Sky Is The Limit 2022.

Small Tent

21:30 – 22:30 Abe & Koen

We are Abe & Koen and we have been playing records at DRV Euros, and here in town in Enschede. We are known for our energetic mix of familiar but danceable hits.

22:30 – 00:00 Ciska de Rat

Some things are fixed: The sun rises in the east, politicians never agree and with Ciska de Rat it's always a party. This 8-stomping ska band from Enschede knows what you want to hear, before you know it yourself. In their own way they put well-known classics and new hits in a bouncy jacket. From ABBA to Bruno Mars, from Britney Spears to Doe Maar. Standing still is not an option, singing along very much needed. Ask Ciska the Rat if there is a party! Ciska de Rat has been around since 2008 and is a familiar face in Enschede's student life. But also outside of that people know to find us. House parties, graduation parties, galas, weddings and festivals. You ask, we play, you jump.

00:00 – 02:00 Feest DJ Jochem

This all-round party fanatic knows how to turn any tent into a madhouse. Several genres are blown through the speakers in one evening, this party rocket dominates the dance floor. On an evening with Jochem you stand shoulder to shoulder with your neighbor, you walk kilometers polonaise and the hits pop around your ears.

Outdoor Stage

20:00 – 22:00 A-ARON & KNIJFF

We are A-ARON & KNIJFF, an upcoming DJ duo in Enschede. We are ready to bang with the hottest hits and the best house records at every party.

22:00 – 23:00 Boris Maximus

With a love of music, Boris Maximus once began with piano lessons, after a few years the preference soon turned to electric guitar and playing in a band became the norm. When many band members had little time to play often, producing electronic music became the new love. Now more than 10 years ago, the idea of bringing this music to the public came up, and he became a DJ at the Fortress Bar (DJ Aqmed) on campus. Also, House has always been a preference, and has only continued to grow into a refined sound with a lot of groove. Searching for the edge and experimenting with different styles is a must for him. The success is in the groove, standing still is not an option.

23:00 – 00:00 Rob Moss

Rob Moss is a young, starting, DJ with a passion for house music. With his refined sense of rhythm and unique mixes, he builds a party on every dance floor a party. After years of experimenting with different styles of music, he has found himself in the world of house. His music is a unique combination of deep bass lines and melodic vocal samples, which together create an energetic atmosphere perfectly suited to the house genre. With Rob Moss behind the DJ booth, you are assured of something very special and lots of good vibes!

00:00 – 01:00 J/N

Jorn Smulders is a 5th year Industrial Engineering and Management student at the University of Twente. Since the age of 14 he has been collecting music with great fun collecting music. Meanwhile, he can call himself a music curator and thus has more than 200 playlists under his name on the platform Spotify. He is of the opinion that every music genre has something beautiful to offer and that in everyday life there is too much listening to the same thing. In order to share his passion for music with others, in 2019 he started DJ´ing for public under the name (J/N). In the meantime, he spent several years gaining experience at student parties, galas, livestreams and house parties. With the goal of putting down a brand new live set every party. Because underrated music, there´s plenty of it!

01:00 – 02:00 ENGAZE

When we are engazed in music, we are not just hearing the notes and rhythms, but feeling them on a deep, emotional level. This can lead to a heightened sense of appreciation for the music, as well as a greater understanding of its intricacies and complexities.