Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping Arrangements

During the Batavierenrace it is possible to sleep in Enschede. There are several possibilities.

A. Sleeping in the sports center of the University of Twente
B. Sleeping at the campsite on the campus of the University of Twente or bring your own tent.


Sleeping in the Enschede Sports Center: nice and warm indoors
Don't you like camping? Or do you prefer to sleep nice and warm inside with the sanitary facilities in the same building? In the Sports Centre you can be sure that you'll be warm and dry, and that you'll be woken up on time for your stage! With sleeping vouchers you can sleep in the sports halls of the University of Twente. You do need to bring a sleeping bag and air mattress, but you can leave your tent at home!

Your team leader can buy the sleeping vouchers through the online voucher sales. Keep an eye on our website regarding the online voucher sale for the next edition.


Sleeping on the camping of the Batavierenrace.
It is also possible to sleep on one of the three campsites on the Campus of the University of Twente. The Carilloncamping (CC), the Hockeycamping (HC) and the Vlindercamping (VC) are open for visitors from Friday May 24th 2024 15:00 until Sunday May 26th 2024 11:00. Camping at the campground is free. But starting this year, you have to purchase a camping voucher. This is to make sure the camping grounds aren't overcrowded. You can buy the voucher during the voucher sale. Please note tha you buy 1 voucher for 25 people, so if you plan to come with more than 25 people, you have to buy 2 camping vouchers.

Camping website

Camping rules

To ensure that the campsite is used properly there are some (behavioral) rules that everyone should adhere to. Please read these carefully because teams that do not follow these rules will be subject to sanctions!

The campsite rules are as follows:

  • Vehicles on or near the edge of the camping area are not allowed! You risk a fine. Parking is available on the parking lots P1 and P2.
  • The campsite is open on Friday after 15:00, before that no tents may be set up.
  • The campsites are marked with lines for fire safety, make sure you place your tent within these lines.
  • Place your tent at a distance of three meters from other tents.
  • The campsite has a limited capacity, therefore full is full. When the campsite is full, you can also get sleeping-bands via the ticket site in the after-sales area.
  • Only tents with a maximum capacity of 6 persons are allowed.
  • Party tents are prohibited and will be confiscated if set up.
  • Creating open fire (including barbecues) is strictly prohibited.
  • Bringing glassware (including beer bottles) is prohibited, no glassware is allowed on the entire site.
  • Bringing high-pressure bottles is not allowed.
  • Do not leave valuables behind! Lockers are available in the sports center. The organization is not responsible for theft or loss.
  • Report calamities to the supervisors. You can find them on the campsite or in the canteen.
  • The campsite is for sleeping, be quiet at night.
  • Throw your garbage in the containers or in the garbage areas. Garbage bags are available at the supervisors.
  • Sunday morning at 11:00 at the latest you have to leave the terrain.
  • When not following these rules you can be removed from the terrain.
  • The organization reserves the right to occasionally deviate from these rules.
  • Aggregates are prohibited on the campsite.