Sleeping Arrangements


Sleeping Arrangements

If you participate in the Batavierenrace, the Organising Committee arranges sleeping accommodations for your team during your stay in the Netherlands. You will have to pay a small fee for the costs made for these accommodations. The team captain is responsible for buying these additional tickets.

The accommodation in Nijmegen for Thursday and Friday night will be in the gym of the University sports centre at the campus in Nijmegen. Costs for this sleeping accommodation will be around €4,75 per person per night.

On Saturday you can sleep on a campsite at the university campus in Enschede, or sleep in a gym at the campus. The campsite is for free, but you have to take a tent with you and see the camping rules below. The price for sleeping at the gym of Enschede will be around €9,50 per person.

Don't forget to bring your own mattress and sleeping bag!

Camping Rules EnschedeCamping Rules Enschede (286 kB)

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