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A team can not participate in the Batavierenrace without a teamleader. All the information that you may need can be found on this part of the website.

Team Captain Batavierenrace

The team captain is not only the one that takes care of the enrolment of his or her team, there are a few other things he is responsible for. This includes transportation, food and drinks and the sleeping arrangements. For each of these there are vouchers available for purchase by the team captain. More information can be found here.

Looking for runners?

Are you as team captain still looking for team mates? Become a member of the Facebook group to contact other people! Click here!

Important documents

Registration rules 47th Batavierenrace Registration rules 47th Batavierenrace (113 kB)

Competition rules 47th BatavierenraceCompetition rules 47th Batavierenrace (153 kB)

Team Captain letters

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