The time registration system, the BART (the Batavierenrace Automatic Registration Timekeeping System), is completely self-managed. It was built by the eBART and is maintained by the eBART. Participants' vests contain tags that are registered by the large white boxes located at the exchange zones. This information is then forwarded to the race secretariat who turns it into results.

So we built and programmed the registration box ourselves. We also programmed the input/output system (an old PDA) ourselves to work together with our system. Attached to the system are also LED screens that inform the runners at night which teams are coming and who needs to exchange.

We're looking for you!

The eBART is looking for technical people, both on the programming side and the electronic side (everything on the system is self-made including the electronics). There is always room for curious and enthusiastic people.

Especially, interest is very important. Furthermore, experience with the following is very useful, where it is also gained during committee work!

- Programming languages: embedded C, C#, Java;
- Electronic stuff: soldering, PCB design, battery maintenance.

(nb. We are not going to teach someone how to program, some prior knowledge or a lot of motivation to teach themselves things is important).

The committee meets one evening a week and from December to April one afternoon a month in the weekends.


Does this committee seem interesting to you? Then contact the committee at ebart@batavierenrace.nl. They will be happy to answer any questions!

For general questions about joining a committee, please contact interesse@batavierenrace.nl.