The Icie maintains the website and guides the organization in its use. Furthermore, they take care of the presentation of the results online, the photo plan and e-bata. They also manage the Central Database. All necessary data during the race are stored here and various committees get their data from it. For example, think of the storage of the results.

We're looking for you!

Would you like to join this committee? Read on for more information!

As a member of the Icie you will get the chance to set up the site and central database your way! This is because the system behind the site will be completely renewed, giving you the chance to design it your own way.

Throughout the year you will be on standby to answer questions from the OC. In addition, you spend about an evening a month, working on the Central Database. During the race you are busy processing the results and uploading the pictures.


Does this position seem interesting to you? Then contact the committee at icie@batavierenrace.nl. They will be happy to answer any questions!