Radiocommunication Service

The Radiocommunication Service (RVD)

The Radiocommunication Service (RVD) is responsible for all communication channels necessary during the race to control all the organizational vehicles. They also maintain all communication equipment, from transmitter relays to walkie-talkies. The committee ensures that all specialist equipment is up to date and built into the vehicles at the start of the race and later on as well is taken out of the vehicles again. The RVD also makes sure that all these means of communication are allowed to be used legally during the race, which means arranging permits for this.

The RVD has two tasks during the race: to maintain the communication network and manning the control room. Part of the RVD is present in the race to prevent malfunctions or carry out repairs and replacements. In addition, they ensure that all communication equipment comes back at the end of the race.

The other half of the committee mans the control room. They receive the notifications during the race and pass the information through to the race director (WL). Together, with the WL, we control the race to ensure a safe race.

We're looking for you!

Always wondered what's happening behind the scenes of the Batavierenrace? Do you want to help manage organization vehicles during the race? The RVD of the Batavierenrace is looking for an enthusiastic new member for this committee.

The RVD is looking for a committee member with experience in organizing. A technical background or knowledge about radio networks is not required. Especially enthusiasm, and a great eagerness to learn is important. As an RVD committee member you gain a lot of experience with the radio equipment we use. You will learn the protocol that we provide for the communication with the vehicles and you will come in contact with modern communication equipment that, for example, is also used by professional government agencies. Furthermore, your work on improvements of the system to make this all go even better.

The RVD meets a number of times throughout the year to discuss the necessary issues and exchange information, both among themselves as with other committees. There is a close cooperation between the Race Control (WL) and the RVD. Of course, you are busy around and during the weekend of the race. You will get a lot of fun in return, and that's what it's all about in this committee.


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