Beat Batten!

Batavierenrace is committed to Beat Batten together with Topicus! You too, right?


Beat Batten Foundation!

But what exactly is Batten disease?

You wish every child a good childhood. You wish every child to be able to play sports, outdoors, make friends, grow up and live a beautiful life. But children with metabolic diseases have a very hard time doing this and often face serious complications.

Batten disease is a debilitating, deadly metabolic disease in children. Worldwide, it affects 1 in 25,000 children. If your child has Batten, nothing seems wrong until about age 5. Then an accumulation of problems follows: Severe vision loss, seizures of epilepsy, memory loss and dementia. Children end up in wheelchairs. Lose the ability to communicate. Inevitably follows the death of the child. Usually between the ages of 15 a 25.

Because little is known about metabolic diseases and every child deserves a good future, the Batavierenrace is dedicating the next 3 years to the charity Beat Batten. An initiative dedicated to research into the metabolic disease Batten, a disease that occurs exclusively in children. Topicus and the Batavierenrace commit themselves to this charity for several years.

And that is why we are going to work to find a cure!

Will you help?

Support Beat Batten!

As a team or as an individual you can help, whether you run with us or not! More information on how to do this will follow later.