Selection- and reserve list

The selection lists

Below you can find the selection lists for the General Classification and the University Competition of the 50th Batavians Race. All teams on this list are assured of participation. This list is constantly updated.

For questions about this selection list or other questions regarding registration and participation, please mail

Selection list 50th Bata - General ClassificationSelection list 50th Bata - General Classification (84,3 kB)

Selection list 50th Bata - University ClassificationSelection list 50th Bata - University Classification (46,4 kB)


Below is the reserve list. The participation of these teams is currently not guaranteed. If a team on the selection list deregisters, the teams on the reserve list in order still have a chance to participate in the 50th Batavierenrace.

Reservelist 50th BatavierenraceReservelist 50th Batavierenrace (41,8 kB)